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We handle abuse reports for e-mail addresses and servers in the pvv.ntnu.no and pvv.org domains (the netblock).

To report any incident of abusive practices related to our servers or users, please forward the offending message, with full headers included, to abuse@pvv.ntnu.no. Please include any other relevant information, such as the number of copies you have received.

Please don't mailbomb us; we are trying our best to be the "good guys" in these situations. Also, threats about filtering, the junk fax law, etc, will be cheerfully ignored. Threats are not needed in order to ensure that we investigate an incident.

Protective measures

All of our servers currently run exim4 and have been configured to NOT allow third party relay. Only hosts within the NTNU network are allowed to deliver mail through our servers.

To stop spm the servers also use RBL to block known mass mailers.