Saturday Dungeons & Dragons Oneshot

Helgen fortsetter med Dungeons & Dragons! Vi setter opp en oneshot, slik at nye spillere kan prøve seg på dette verdenskjente rollespillet. Erfarne spillere er så klart også velkomne til å bli med :)

Påmelding er desverre stengt for denne gang, men det er mulig vi arrangerer mer i løpet av året.

The weekend continues with Dungeons & Dragons! We will put up a oneshot, so that new players can get to try out this world-renowned role-playing game. Experienced players are of course also welcome to join :) PS: If you want to create your own character, stop by PVV one of the prior days and we can create one together with you. It is also possible to play as a pre-made character.

Registration is unfortunately closed, but we will possibly run more sessions during the semester.