"avrmon-stk200" is a Linux debug monitor system for Atmel AVR microcontrollers. It is compatible with the connection scheme used in Atmels "STK200 Starter Kit", meaning that you can use the STK200 ISP dongle both for programming the AVR (e.g. with Uros Platise's "uisp") and for doing in-systems debugging. It is also compatible with avr-gdb, allowing the use of gdb for source level debugging, together with your favorite gdb frontend.

The monitor was originally written by Denis Chertykov (who also pioneered the work on the binutils, gcc and gdb ports for AVR), and the major part of his work is still intact. My work has been to rewrite the low-level communication routines to be able to use the STK200 connection scheme instead of the original "DAPA" (Alex's Direct Avr Parallel Access) scheme.


This screenshot shows the use of avrmon-stk200 together with GDB and the DDD (Data Display Debugger) graphical frontend.


This is the platform I used for building avrmon-stk200-0.6.0. The versions mentioned are certainly not the only versions that will work, nor are they minimum requirements. Although it is fully possible to use the monitor system in a standalone fashion, it is really much more useful together with GDB:


First public release.
A much needed platform upgrade, bringing avrmon-stk200 into the gcc-3.0 era. A lot of small changes and the fixing of one major bug that kept the monitor from working on newer versions of avr-libc.


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