Ti`nh DDo+n Phu+o+ng
         (Nha.c Vie^.t ??) 
Comment: Lo+`i vie^'t la.i do Stanley Le, theo tie^'ng ha't Huy Vu ! Ho+.p a^m vie^'t do Pham-Duc Thang, du+.a theo Huy Vu ha't (mp3)

To Stanley Le: You know already that I don't have the note of this song. So I've written the chords in a very short time. I hope you can use them. Mai na`y Thang se~ nghe ky~ la.i mp3 va` co' the^? se~ vie^'t la.i mo^.t so^' ho+.p a^m .-)

| 2/4 | Moderate (Pop)

 C(7): I mean you can play a pure C or C7 is ok .-)
 Look at the chords at the bottom of this page !

La^'y to^ng, no^'t: do*     do*      (* = tha^'p)
                    Nhie^`u la^`n ...


 |Fm  |Bbm  |Cm7  |Cm7  |Db  |Db  |Db  |C(7) 

 |Fm  |Bbm  |Cm7  |Cm7  |Db  |Db  |Db  |C(7) |C(7) |C(7) |C(7) 

| Fm                                     |Ab
 Nhie^`u la^`n nga^.p ngu+`ng muo^'n ngo~ y'
             |Cm7                       |Fm
 Tie^'ng ye^u ddu+o+ng sao kho^ng tha`nh ca^u
|Fm                                    |Ab
 So+. ra(`ng ddu+o+`ng ve^` kho^ng co`n xa
           |Cm7                |Fm
 DDe^? be^n em, anh ddu+a lo^'i ve^`

|Fm                                  |Ab
 Nhie^`u la^`n tro^.m nhi`n em tha^`m la^u
          |Cm7                      |Fm
 Ne't tho+ nga^y chu+a vu+o+ng sa^`u ddau
|Fm                                |Ab
 Na`ng dde.p tu+.a nga`n muo^n a'nh sao
                |Eb                         |Fm
 Di.u da`ng mong manh em xinh nhu+ ca`nh hoa dda`o

 Ti`nh ddo+n phu+o+ng, 
      |Cm7                  |Bbm              |C
 ddo^i khi tha^'y em cu+o+i` vui lo`ng anh xao xuye^'n
 Na`ng o+i hay bie^'t cha(ng
|Cm7               |Fm    |Fm
 Anh dda~ ye^u tu+` la^u

 DDo^i khi be^n em tho+ nga^y
 Ma` ra(`ng [da(`n ??] lo`ng ddu+`ng noi' ra
|Bbm                                     |Fm
 Nghe con tim trinh nguye^n vu+o+ng ti`nh sao cha^'t nga^'t
|Db                  |Eb
 So+. nu. ho^`ng phai nhanh
            |C                                   |C
 Em ho+`n em do^~i anh mang co^ ddo+n tre^n lo^'i ve^`

 Anh xin ye^u em ddo+n phu+o+ng
 Tha` ra(`ng mi`nh ddu+`ng noi' ra
|Bbm                             |Fm
 DDe^? mai dda^y be^n em ta chung ve^` lo^'i cu~
|Db                      |Eb           |Fm         |Fm 
 Du` lo`ng nhie^`u ddo+'n ddau, ye^u em tu+` la^u

(La^.p la.i tu+` dda^`u)
DDa^y la` mo^.t va`i gam, so^' co`n la.i xem trong Guitar Chords nhe'. Ne^n cho+i gam C, Db va` Eb na`y nhe' Stanley:

    C             Bbm(=Hbm)       Db            Eb   
  ------          ------        ------        ------       
  |*|||* 3.fr     |*|||*        |*|||* 4.fr   |*|||* 6.fr   
  ||||||          ||||*|        ||||||        ||||||        
  ||***|          ||**||        ||***|        ||***|       

    C7              Fm           Cm7            Ab
  ------          ------        ------        ------
  |*|*|* 3.fr     *||***        |*|*|* 3.fr   *|||** 4.fr
  ||||||          ||||||        ||||*|        |||*|| 
  ||*|*|          |**|||        ||*|||        |**|||