The wedding photos

Civil ceremony
Lunch and preparations
Church ceremony
Apéritif and photoshoot
The wedding guests
Geneva fireworks and saying goodbye

For the first time in our lives we felt like movie stars being harassed by tons of photographers and some of the photos we received actually turned out quite well. There are photos from Joao (the photographer), Danny, Viviane, Øystein, Asbjørn, Gullik, Laurent and Steinar.

An unforgettable day!

Group photo

Thank you everyone for making this special day an unforgettable one which surpassed our wildest expectations! The pictures which you can view by following this link are testimonies of the great time we got to share with all of you: (the password is 6 digits that you can easily figure out).

Particular thanks go to the very special people who made all of this possible and who will hopefully one day be able to enjoy such a moment in their own unique day.

For those of you who could not make it, we can tell you that you missed a great celebration that ended in the early morning hours after having stamped our feet on the dancing floor while enjoying Irish and Norwegian folk dances.

We look forward to seeing all of you soon either for a fancy dinner at our place (now that we got nice dinner accessories and good wine), or at a music festival, at l’Ile de Ré, in Bergen, at the movies, at the opera, or on the ski slopes (in Switzerland of course).
Bye for now, we need to enjoy some Swiss chocolate and read some messages… Meanwhile, you can listen to the official wedding song :)

We’re married!

Wedding ticker

Castle visit

Source: www.swisscastles.chIt is possible to visit the castle of Coppet after the church ceremony and before the apéritif which starts at 6pm. If you want to take a guided tour of the castle in Norwegian, English or French, please notify us by Wednesday August 6th at the latest so that we can inform the castle (you can leave a comment below). The visit lasts for 40-45 minutes.

We really look forward to seeing you in Switzerland and we wish you a great trip!

Wedding gifts

Upon the request of several guests, we would like to give you some ideas for wedding gifts. First of all, we would like to insist on the fact that most guests attending our wedding are traveling from far away, as far as Chile, and by making such trips and being present at our wedding, you are already giving us a wonderful gift. Still, some of you have been trying to figure out what our gift wishes are and have been asking us this question. We find this question quite difficult to answer to be honest since we don’t really know ourselves what we want and feel that we have pretty much what we need at the moment. Anyways, here are some ideas we managed to agree on:

  • Shared life experiences.. this could for example be tickets for the movies, for a concert, for a show, a gift certificate for a course, a small trip, an invitation to visit you, or another type of experience you would like us to enjoy together or with you!
  • Money, money, money… towards our honeymoon, down payment on our future house :), furniture for the house, decoration for the house, repair of the house (we’re realistic and Anders is Norwegian) and so on.
  • Real touchable things… we appreciate anything from home made handcraft (that is, if you have some talent) to purchased surprises (not stolen). Some of the things that came to our mind are:
    • everyday drinking glasses*
    • an espresso machine
    • a marriage counselor (agreeing on a gift list is no easy task)
    • some of your favorite wine
    • a blender
    • a food processor
    • a tea pot**
    • a fondue set
    • a raclette set
    • a Tivoli Pal radio
    • and we guess that we’ll get a toaster anyways so we don’t have to mention it.

To avoid duplicates, you can contact Wiebke wiebke.zimmermann {at} googlemail(.)com who will let you know if someone else already had the same idea as you.

*) We saw some glasses we really like called “BodaNova Season” at Rafens in Norway.
**) The tea pot/maker from Eva Solo is really nice (’teashirt’).


FireworksSaturday evening, August 9th, in the honor of our wedding and to prolong the party, the city of Geneva will illuminate the Lake Léman with an hour long firework show - the world’s best!! (well, it’s not quite for our wedding, it’s actually for the Fêtes de Genève). On that occasion, you are invited to watch the fireworks with us from the roof-terrace of Lauren’s Dad’s office close to the lake in Geneva.

It will be possible to get to Geneva by boat from the harbour in Coppet leaving at 5:35 pm and arriving in Geneva (Eaux Vives harbour which is near the office) at 6:15 pm. You will then have time to walk around and visit the numerous stands and attractions by the lake. The fireworks start at 10 pm and snacks will be served on the terrace. We are then planning to hire a bus to drive the guests back from town to Coppet and to the Best Western Hotel in Chavannes de Bogis at around midnight from the flower clock (near the office). Another possibility is to take the train back (the station is about a 30 min walk from office).

Please inform Lauren’s Mom Carol (naville.carol {at} gmail(.)com) by July 6th if you are interested in watching the fireworks with us and if you would like to take advantage of the boat and/or bus rides to get back and forth from Geneva and Coppet. Don’t even think about driving and parking in Geneva, it is hopeless during the festivities!

Flower clock


Since several guests attending the wedding will have to travel from abroad, we are posting useful information here on where the guests could stay overnight. We suggest that you plan your lodging early and that you let us know where you are planning on staying. We could then let you know if we can get special prices for several people staying in the same place.

Here are a few lodging possibilities close to where the wedding will take place:

  • Best Western in Chavannes de Bogis: This is the largest hotel closest to the wedding place (5 min by car). Since several guests decided to stay here we got a special price of 135 CHF for a single room or 180 CHF for a double room, breakfast included. Please inform us if you are interested in staying here so that we can give you the ‘code’ to get these prices. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and a free shuttle that can bring you from and to the airport and to the train station in Coppet.
  • Motel Le Léman: This is a small motel in Commugny (where the church ceremony will be and about a 5 min walk from where Lauren and Anders will be staying). A single room costs 83 CHF and a double room 120 CHF. They have only 9 rooms. The motel has one of the best pizzerias in Switzerland.
  • Hôtel du Lac: This small hotel (19 rooms) is about a 5 min walk from the castle of Coppet and is right on the lake. Room prices start at 200 CHF for a single room. Suites and apartments are also available.
  • Bed and Breakfast in Nyon: This B&B is located at about 10 min by car from the festivities. They have three rooms with two beds each. It costs 50 CHF/ person/ night breakfast included.
  • Bed and Breakfast in Chéserex: This B&B is located at about 15 min by car from the festivities. They have one appartment for 2 people with a kitchen and bathroom. This B&B costs 80 CHF per person per night, breakfast included. If you stay more than 4 nights, the price goes down to 70 CHF.
  • Bed and Breakfast Villa Sanluca: This B&B located in Nyon, about 10 min by car from the festivities. They offer three double rooms with their own bathroom, a swimming pool, garden, pétanque, and Internet. Their rates range from 160 CHF (single) or 190 CHF (double) up to 270 CHF, breakfast included. Some rooms can host a third person for 40 CHF extra.
  • En Trembley Bed and Breakfast: This B&B is located in Commugny and costs between 70-90 CHF per person. They have three rooms altogether. Already full with wedding guests !
  • Bed and Breakfast Coppet: This B&B is located in Coppet (where the reception will be) and costs 80-110 CHF for a single room or 120-140 CHF for a double room. It is a fully functional studio. This B&B is unfortunately full.
  • Camping in Tannay: This camping place is located right by the Lake Léman and is about a 30 min walk from the Castle of Coppet. You are strongly advised to call them and reserve a plot for your tent quite early.

It is also possible to stay in and visit cities nearby such as Geneva, Nyon (a town 10 min drive from Coppet/ Commugny) or Lausanne. If you are planning to stay in Geneva we advise you to book your hotel quite early as there will be the Fêtes de Genève from July 31st to August 10th. Les Fêtes can make your stay even more fun or maybe a bit more complicated as Geneva gets clogged during those days!

It could also be a good idea to rent a car if you are planning to visit Switzerland and/ or France during your stay. Please visit our Transport page for more information on car rental places.

You can also read the comments below which offer more lodging possibilities. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and please feel free to add any suggestions to this page.

Local tourism

Since several of the guests will be traveling from abroad to attend our wedding and that some of them have never been to Switzerland, especially in the summer time, we can imagine that you would like to have some ideas on what to do and see in the area. Below you will find some suggestions. Of course, these suggestions are not complete, but they should give you some ideas on what different possibilities there are. Please feel free to contact us or to write a comment below for more details or for more specific activities or types of activities.

If you would like to know more about the area where the wedding will take place, Suisse Romande (French speaking Switzerland), please visit this website. And if you would like to know what events are taking place, please click here.

Lake Geneva

Longer trips

If you are planning on spending more than just 3-4 days in Switzerland, you can take advantage to discover other areas a few hours drive from Commugny. You can for example drive about 2 hours to the French region of Burgundy to visit its vineyards and taste some of its world famous wine. Or you can stay in Switzerland and visit the exotic and southern Europe type of area of Tessin (Italian Switzerland). You will find palm trees, beautiful lakes (such as Lake Lugano), and cute towns such as Locarno which hosts an international film festival from August 6th-16th.

The Swiss German part of Switzerland is also worth the detour with the capital of Switzerland, Bern located just about 2 hours from Commugny is worth the visit as its old town is listed as a UNESCO heritage site. In Bern you can also ride the Arr river: the full “floating with the current trip” from Thun takes about 2 hours, but you can always jump in at other points and get out by drifting towards the side river beds and grabbing the rails of steps that will take you up and out. It’s lots of fun but you need someone to pick you up of course. The town of Lucerne is well known and is particularly attractive in the summer time since it is located by a lake. When in the area, don’t hesitate to take a hike in the mountains to get a great view over the mountains and lake area. Finally, you can also drive to famous St Moritz where you can camp and hike in the nearby mountains. If you have time, you can take a small detour to visit Lichtenstein. Don’t worry, it’s so small that you won’t waste that much time!



If you are unlucky and it is raining when you are in Switzerland, you can visit some nearby museums. Here are a few ideas:

  • Red Cross Museum (Geneva)
  • Botanical garden and its modern green house (Geneva)
  • Museum of natural history (Geneva)
  • Olympic Museum (Lausanne)
  • Fondation de l’Hermittage (Lausanne)
  • Château de Prangins (Prangins, 15 min. from Commugny)
  • Patek Philippe watch museum (Geneva)
  • The little museum of old Coppet- a typical 15th century house
  • The music box and automate museum in St. Croix