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Author is Håvard Karlsen.

Why an IRC/Undernet Taekwon-do Channel ?

More and more people spend time on the Internet. Some say it's 30 million people, others say its over 100 million. Anyway, there are all sorts floating around in cyberspace doing their things. During my time on the Net I have met allot of Taekwon-do folks out there, and I've been checking out web sites and connected me to mailing lists. But what I've been missing is a place were TKD people can meet and chat "Live". That's why I decided to apply for a channel on the IRC/Undernet. In order to do so, I had to get support from at least 10 users. I posted a message on the GTF Talk, and got very good response. The channel came on-line on the 10. of August 1996. It is open 24 hours a day.

What is IRC/Undernet ?

The IRC program were written in 1986 by a Finnish guy. It first connected Scandinavian universities but expanded to become world-wide in the early 90's. It is a live chat client were you can "talk" in different channels. When you post a message in a channel, the line you wrote will appear in the window of all the other people that are in the same channel. On the IRC/Undernet you are known under a nickname (or alias).

IRC contains several networks. The first (and biggest) are EF net, but this network is not good to use world-wide at the moment because of the netsplit (the network is parted in two.... one European/African, and one American/Asian). This split came because of an disagreement between IRC OP's (operators/managers of the network) in Europe and America. The split has been there for 4 months now and seems to be permanent. Other networks are Laosnet, Funet and Undernet. The Undernet is the youngest network, but are already one of the biggest. There are ca 5000 channels to talk in and you can discuss fishing, find a friend, ask questions about your PC, or just hang out in your favourite channel. You always find people to talk to on the Undernet. That's why I choose Undernet as the Network to establish the IRC/Undernet #Taekwondo channel.

How to connect to the IRC/Undernet.

There are several programs (known as clients) to choose from when you want to connect to IRC. there are clients for almost every computer-platform. To search for a client, use the FTP-searcher FTP-Search.
You must have a client to be able to use IRC/Undernet.

A client for the PC platform.

One of the best PC clients is the MIRC program. You can find it on or Download the program, and install it on your PC. Open the program and choose Setup on the file menu. Fill in your real name, email address, and then choose your nick name and alternative nickname. In the server window you have to choose your connect point. If you are in the US choose, or in Europe you can choose,, and others. ( For a complete list of servers try ). Click on the OK button and choose connect from the file menu. You will now connect to Undernet. to join the #Taekwondo channel write /join #Taekwondo . This should take you right to the teakwood channel. If you want to see a complete list of channels try the /list command.

Is this channel for me ?

The #Taekwondo channel are for everybody who wants to talk about TKD.

Håvard Karlsen
Nickname: "Snipp".
Hammerfest Tae Kwon-Do klubb - Norway.

If you got questions just contact Håvard Karlsen at, or


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