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This IQ-TEST have 87 question, and you need to finish it in 60 minutes. When you ar finish/time is run out the program will calculate you IQ. Have you all 87 question right, you got maximum IQ score at 160. This test is relatively hard for non native english/americans speakers

How to download and run 'IQ-TEST' for Windows 3.x

  1. If you don't have the lates release of PKZIP, go to PKZIP program page, and download PKZIP
  2. download VBRUN300.ZIP(You can also find this program on other sites:Search the net!)
  3. download can also find this program on other sites:Search the net!)
  4. Use pkunzip to unzip and\pkunzip, and c:\pkunzip
  5. You can now run WINTELLI.EXE from windows
  6. I have added my own SOLUTIONS and COMMENTS

  • You can find some useful dos/windows shareware here
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