Spirit Magic

This is a catch-all term for the sort of ritual magic which is practiced by a variety of different people on Hârn. It uses the same basic rules as the Ritual Magic/Initiation system first described in GURPS Voodoo, and is independent of Mana levels and Magery and that sort of thing. All human cultures have some form of ritual magic, and a few points in Ritual Magic is quite common among tribal shamans and village wise-women and so on; in fact, most organized religions probably also feature some aspects of Ritual Magic, so priests will also have some such abilities. Most of these people are not Initiates at all, but quite a lot are, mostly First or Second level, but some Third level Initiates and a rare few Fourth level Initiates are also dotted around the landscape (higher levels of Initiation should be vanishingly rare; they are not well suited to a "low-magic" type of campaign). The combination of Initiation and Magery is not extremely common, but neither is it unheard of; there seems in fact to be some correlation. The vast majority of people with knowledge of ritual/spirit magic also know a bit of herblore etc., as is well suited to a "wise woman" or shaman.

Extra rules on Paths and Rituals will eventually turn up here; for now, the only change I've settled on from the standard rules in Voodoo is that I use the same cost progression for Rituals as for Maneuvers, just to keep things a bit more consistent.

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