The masters of Runelore are the Ivinian mystics, who pretty much coincide with the priesthood of Sarajin -- the lore is inextricably linked with Sarajinan rituals and beliefs, and all of his priests have at least some knowledge of Runelore; mastery of Runelore more or less makes one a Sarajinan priest by definition (priesthood is not seen as a complete occupation by Ivinians anyway; Sarajinan priests are normally also bigshot farmers/shipowners/jarls/whatever with important positions in secular society, to what little extent they recognize a dichotomy between secular and spiritual society).

Use the rules for improvised/runic magic on pp. 76-83 of GURPS Magic. Again, the majority of Runemasters do not actually have Magery, and so their skills only work in High-Mana areas -- which is where they tend to build their god-halls. There are perhaps forty or fifty individuals in all of Hârn who combine Magery with some knowledge of the Runes; practically all are Ivinian, and the vast majority live in Orbaal.

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