Actually, the word "psionic" isn't part of the Hârnic vocabulary, but some Hârnians have a little bit of what GURPS calls psionic ability. Those who even know of their talents mostly keep the knowledge to themselves -- however, some "wise women" and shamans have been known to display abilities which must be psionic in nature. The vast majority of psi talents are latent; someone might have a few levels of power with no skills and probably some rather horrid limitations (in fact, the most common variations on this theme are Danger Sense and Empathy, both of which are actually low-level latent psi talents). The next most common power is probably Healing. While it would be going too far to specifically ban any psi powers completely, some should be very rare (especially Teleportation), and some skills should probably not be available at all (most especially Mindwipe). There is little or no chance of finding a teacher for psi skills even if you have some power; a very few Shek-Pvar (Savorya, natch) do try to systematically study these strange phenomena, but they're not exactly known for being eager to share their knowledge with the educationally disadvantaged.

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