Druidic Tree Magic

This tradition is particular to the Jarin of the north (Orbaal/Jara); it is a part of Ilviran religious mysticism, and the Druids are the priests of Ilvir. Their organization is much like the ancient Celtic Druids of Terra, on which they are modelled; look at GURPS Celtic Myth for details. Druids use the Tree Magic system described in that book; however, even Jara is generally only a Normal- Mana area, and the majority of Druids do not have Magery. This means that they spend a lot of time and effort studying philosophical skills (Vowel/Consonant/Mixed Tree Lore) and rituals (spells) which only work in certain areas (Ilviran holy groves tend to be High-Mana areas). There are perhaps as many as a hundred Druids who do have some degree of Magery, however, and these are respected as being "touched" by the god and given greater power than normal (I suspect this group will include practically all PC Druids, for some strange reason).

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