Redefining attributes

One of the most common criticisms directed at GURPS is that, even though all the four basic attributes have the same cost progression, they are not considered to be equally effective, and that the IQ attribute in particular gives you just too much for your points while ST in particular gives you too little. I think this criticism has some merit; this is an attempt to address that issue, inspired by general debate on the GURPSNET mailing list (involving too many persons to list here). Warning: As of today, these particular rules have not yet been playtested, since they have only recently gone from "idea" to "rule" status, and I haven't yet started any new games since then.

Splitting IQ

That's right: IQ is split into two attributes, called Reasoning (RE) and Intuition (IN). Both have normal point cost. RE may be considered "left-brain" type intelligence, governing rational thought -- logic, mathematics, etc. IN may then be considered "right-brain" type intelligence, governing creative/artistic thought processes, social interaction, etc. The simplest way to handle mental skills is to base them on whichever one of these two attributes seems most appropriate for the skill, although more complicated ways of handling skills are possible (see the article on Skills, when it comes online at some undefined future time).

I use the "Three-Pronged Approach" to Will (see the sidebar on p.CI9), with the difference that I base Emotional Will on IN (Mental Will is still based on RE), and I base Sense rolls on 10 rather than using either of the mental stats. Also, see the section on advantages and disadvantages.

The Body (BD) attribute

This attribute now governs all functions which were previously associated with ST and HT. As an overall attribute, it has normal cost, but different aspects of it may be bought up or down separately (as figured attributes; do not count lowered BD aspects toward the total point limit for disadvantages, except where aspects go below 8). Normal humans should probably not be allowed any BD aspects above 20, but such limits obviously depend on the campaign in question.

The cost of different aspects of BD breaks down as follows:

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