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a film on human emotions

Keladi Kanmani fame Vasanth's much hyped latest offering Rhythm is the love story of two souls, both companions in distress. The film moves at snail's pace in the first half but picks up tempo in the second half leading to a clichéd climax. Going by the title one expects a music-related theme. What one gets is an entirely different fare.

Karthik (Arjun), a widower is the photo-editor with Indian Express and lives with his old parents in New Mumbai. While commuting by train he meets Chitra (Meena) who captures his attention. But the vibes from Chitra initially are not encouraging. Fate which has already played the villain in their lives with both their spouses dying in the same train mishap, now acts a bonding factor between them. After a few meetings Karthik who has been turning a deaf ear to his parents' coaxing to remarry thaws, but Chitra declines for the marriage. Chitra's ten-year-old adopted son is the catalyst who changes the course of things. But on the day when Chitra was to give the green signal for marriage, her mother- in -law (Lakshmi) lands up at her door. Having lost her husband the old lady has experienced loneliness and is now willing to accept Chitra and her kid with open arms. She pleads with Chitra to go and live with her in Conoor. Chitra acquiesces without a murmur, even without informing Karthik who waits at the designated place in vain.

In Conoor the boy pines for Karthik. Chitra also can't forget him. How matters are sorted out leading to a clichéd climax forms rest of the film.

It lacks logic that Chitra prefers to leave her newfound happiness and go with her mother-in-law with whom she has no emotional bonds. Especially when the old lady had thrown her son out of the house forcing him to leave by the ill-fated train thus indirectly causing his death. Why is it the heroines of our films are shown as masochists? Arjun is supposed to be a Photo Editor, but he is shown as an ordinary photographer dong fieldwork! And pray, where is the waterfall in Mumbai?

Excellent cinematography and A.R.Rahman's pulsating music are the plus points of the film. Of the five Panchabhootha related songs, 'Nadiye nadiye...' picturised with the gushing waterfall as the backdrop is the best. Raju Sundaram's choreography is mediocre.

But the star of the film is the boy who has donned the role of Chitra's adopted son. He steals the show with a very natural performance, emoting both pathos and childlike exuberance and glee with equal ease. Both Arjun and Meena in their new images, former as the romantic hero and latter as the middle class working girl do not disappoint. Veterans Lakshmi and Nagesh have done full justice to their roles.

by Saraswathy Srinivas





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