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rahman's tv interview - There was a news segment profiling Rahman in the news magazine India this week which was telecast over channel 56 in Washington DC here (in 1995). 

Here are some snippets from the interview.

So sayeth ARR (verbatim): "Directors - they want more music...People - they want more is getting difficult to balance the quality and the quantity...But (smiles) as long as the fight continues and quality wins...its ok. "
ARR's chief inspiration is his father Shekar (a music director too, who died when ARR was very young). ARR took to music when he was very young, played keyboard and guitar for "local rock groups" before joining Ilayaraja's troup and later turning to score ad jingles. Thus spoke ARR: "It is not a good past...(adds quickly) but that's ok. At the end of it all...during the when I was losing interest in life, you can say....everything started happening. - "Nobody can be completely original...because the notes are already there...from the notes we form a raag and from the raag a is a process. As far as possible, to my conscience, I try to be original...' The reporter quoted ARR's main musical inspirations as Ilayaraja and RD Burman.

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