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Talk of the Town

EVERY TIME a top celebrity drops in for a guest appearance, fans throng the venue for a `darshan'. And, when it is one celebrity too many, it turns into a mob.

So it was no surprise that Music World played out a chaotic note, quite different from the promised patriotic fanfare. There were foul- mouthed security people, who were herding the crowd around like P.T. masters at middle school.

The special screening on the occasion of Independence Day featured music director A. R. Rahman, Vikku Vinayakaram, Sudha Raghunathan, violinists Ganesh and Kumaresh.

The flock strayed in 35 minute late, as enthu security people collected audience for the show, showing customers the way out one and half hours before the actual appearance.

Then the strings. For staying inside Music World, one had to buy a tape or CD of Rahman's latest album `Jana Gana Mana' under the Bharat Bala banner, that features some legends of Indian music.

The group was mobbed by mediapersons, fighting for space, quite literally, as the organisers pushed people around. The climax of the show was when Rahman got up to speak. His words drowned in the cacophony of sound created by the organisers who were vocal, in high pitch.

After permitting one question, mediapersons were told: time up.

KA VISIT to Kishkinta, the theme park and a sight-seeing trip around Chennai. That is the prize that success brought for them.

Nearly 60 toppers in the tenth standard and plus two examinations from all over the State became the ``Mudhalvan'' awardees, and got their honours at the hands of the Chennai Mayor, Mr. M. K. Stalin.

The awards, jointly offered by Raj TV and Kishkinta, had the students excited, for it was a three day holiday in the State capital. They packed in a trip to the War Memorial and got an introduction to the world of channel television, at Raj TV's headquarters.

The youth went round the IIT campus, a sumptuous lunch and then went home with some gifts to show off to their friends: a bicycle, personal stereo, wrist watch and a Rs. 1,000 gift hamper.

POLITICIANS NEVER retire. Years after hibernating in the wilderness, the former AIADMK Minister, Dr. H. V. Hande, now with the BJP, is again trying to get over political arthritis.

Dr. Hande is writing a book on the ``mischief done by the Congress(I) to the Constitution during the Emergency period''. The other day, speaking on Constitution review, he railed at the Congress(I) for ``daring to change the basic character of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's Constitution''. His claim is that the book will expose the party's present stand in opposing the Constitution Review Committee.

Some may recall that Dr. Hande had at one stage in his career, announced his retirement and wanted to work on the Kamba Ramayanam.

ONE OF the regular participants at official events is the Union Minister, Mr. Murasoli Maran. His absence at some recent official functions led to some gossip.

However, he was back at the opening of the two flyovers in Chennai a few days ago, and that set things at rest. Mr. Maran is a man in hurry and talks of quick changes in the way things work. Perhaps he should drive more often through many of the roads of Chennai or TIDEL city, to see how badly they are in need of repairs by the Corporation and the State Highways.

By Sudhish Kamath, V. Prem Shanker, K. Ramachandran and S. Vydhianathan.





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