Rosedale Open - how to sign up

This page explains how to sign up for the Rosedale Open. I have made a registration form, but it seems to work only for some. There's a link at the bottom if you want to try your luck. If not, or if you don't get an email from me within reasonable time saying that I have received it, simply email me the details.

Step 1: Personal information

Your name

Step 2: Club information

Club name
Home stadium
Club nickname
Supporter club

Step 3: Player information

Rules for creating your players:

  • Each player has a player position. The possible player positions: Goalkeeper (GK), Sweeper (S), Defender (D), Midfielder (M) and Forward (F)
  • The team must own at least 11 players
  • The team must have a goalkeeper
  • You may not construct players with higher level of skill than 10
  • You may discover at most three apprentices (ap) throughout a season (although you may purchase more from other players, or from the GM's auction). These can be discovered directly for your team generation, if you wish (Note thus, that you can have at most 3 players of level 0 when you generate your team)
  • All players you generate for team signup with level of 1 and above, are of age 1
  • Age is written in roman numerals
  • You have 60 "VP" to spend when generating your team. One level for a defender, midfielder or forward costs 1 VP, and one level for a keeper or sweeper costs 2 VP. You must spend all 60 VPs when you generate your team

    Example of correct signup

    Your name: Erlend Janbu
    Email: janbu at
    Username: Joe
    Password: password

    Club name: Rosedale in Memoriam
    Home stadium: Rosedale Park
    Club nickname: the Dead People
    Supporter club: NRA

    Chad Ramwell GK I 7
    Roger Remington S I 3
    Hasham Fadhil D I 7
    Stephen Carmichael D I 5
    Victoria French D ap 0
    Rashid al-Kendy M I 7
    Nicholas Wells M I 4
    Tim Toffee M ap 0
    Harold McGoweran M ap 0
    Barbara Chesterfield F I 10
    Gregory Townsdale F I 7

    Formation: 1-3-4-2 GK: 7 S: 3 D: 12 M: 11 F: 17