Shraaaag's FUMBBL Scripts


  1. I've found a bug, what do I do?

    Send me a PM on FUMBBL. If it is a bug in a script, add information about which script, and what input you used. If there's an erro message, please copy/paste it into the PM.

  2. Can you add (insert idea) feature?

    Send me a PM on FUMBBL. Give me a short explanation of what you want. I'll contact you if I like the idea or need more information.

  3. Can you alter the output-table of (insert script)?

    You are free to alter the output in anyway you like. If you think more people could be interested in it, send me a PM on FUMBBL describing what you want altered.

  4. I'm making my own scripts, can you help me out?

    Send me a PM on FUMBBL. I'll happily share some of the code I'm using.

  5. Can you make a script for my league?

    If the current League script doesn't meet your needs, send me a PM on FUMBBL. I'll take a look at your request and I'll consider it. I have a plan to make some league specific scripts in the future, but I'm still working on the core scripts.

  6. What is "cache"?

    Some information is constant, some is changing. By using cache, the script will make the most out of the data already gathered (this is usually fast, but might not contain updated information about teams, players or tournaments). If cache is not used, all the data required will be freshly gathered using the FUMBBL API (this can be very slow, depending on the amount of data needed).

  7. I love your scripts, how can I donate?

    Currently, I don't have any expenses. I use a server at a computer club which I am a lifetime member. I might be looking for a better server in the future, but if you want to donate, you should donate to Christer and FUMBBL.

  8. The scripts keeps timing out, what shall I do?

    If you have a huge amount of matches/teams you want processed, and the scripts keeps timing out, send me a PM with what you want, and I mighht do some magic