The Unix Barf Bag

Now here's an interesting item. Everyone who buys the book "The UNIX-Haters Handbook" gets this bag as a bonus. UNIX is a curse that has been bothering people for more than 20 years now, and there is no way of telling how many terminals have been uhm... terminated due to errr... human output directed at the keyboard, in lack of a bag like this one.

It is not known exactly what it is about UNIX that makes people turn sick from it. The horrible syntax, the weird, abrvtd cmds and the continuous turbulence due to changing version numbers in all kinds of program packages have been suggested.

There is reason to believe, however, that other operative systems users are in need of similar barf bags. There have been rumours about a Windows Barfbag from Microsoft. It got as far as to the beta-testing stage, when it was discovered it had a too small opening for "input", was made of a slippery material which made it way to easy to drop to the floor and crash, and the Minesweeper game on the back of the bag suffered from several major malfunctions. Still, we're hoping for it to appear in a year 2000-proof version any day now.

Last modified: Sun Oct 12 21:30:26 MET DST 1997