Microsoft Simulator Bag

In an effort to get ahead of all competitors in the increasingly advanced world of flight simulators, Microsoft in their brand new Flight Simulator '98 package not only offers the possibility to simulate that you're a pilot in an airplane or a helicopter, you can even simulate having motion discomfort safely in your own living room.

Included in the package this or similar air sickness bags can be found, unless you get the package from which uhm... someone stole me a copy. Anyway, it's being speculated in if this actually is just a flight simulator thingie, or if it's the first in a series of bags to accompany all Microsoft products in the future. If so, I hope the quality will improve dramatically. This bag is NOT capable of holding liquid matter for lengthy periods, and the size is not very impressive either.

Oh well, knowing what Windows can do, I guess it could have been way worse.

Last modified: Sun Mar 24 16:32:03 CET 2002