Widerøes Flyveselskap

This company flies in rural Norway, having a majority of its departures from airports in Northern Norway. The weather in this area is generally rough, and the small planes being used to trafficate the small airports are VERY easy to develop airsickness in.

The pilots in this company mainly consist of those pilots who flunked at the airforce tests, and they know that you know this. To convince you that they could have flown jetfighters just as well as the guys that do so, they do all kinds of crazy manoevres with the passenger planes. Be sure to grab a barfbag as soon as you enter the plane.

In contrast to the pilots' effort to make you go *NNNNNNGHH!*, the airsickness bag itself is very discrete, just hinting about there being a possibility in using it, "Om", or "If", as the international version of it says.

Personally, I find the blue version nicest, as the green somewhat reminds me of the colour of the faces of travelsick people. It IS an original colour, though, and should get extra points for that.

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