Danner's Rolecard Builder



Welcome to the Rolecard Builder, Mark 2!

Create a new Role Card and Style on the right, and do edits as you see fit.
If you have selected at least one rolecard and style, you can see the result in the preview on the right.
Copy text on the lower right into QT. You can create more cards or styles using the + buttons to the left.

Conceptually how this works:
A rolecard is a subject to a bunch of rules that transform text into HTML.
Line indentation decides which line is a child of which line.
The styles will format the created HTML tags into something cool.
See the default card and styles for examples of what you can do.

Changes are saved in your browser cache. It will persist between sessions and should save at every keypress.
However, since we all know how browsers tend to be replaced and reinstalled, you may also want to use these features:

You can always find this page by refreshing or clicking the logo.