PVVMUD is a project that I started to create activity among members of the computer club PVV. This page describe some of the things I have done for this project.

GEO Export a 3D Studio MAX plugin

I created a plugin for 3D Studio MAX R2.X that export geometry to the file format used in the project. Both binary and source are available for download. To install simply copy the file geoexp.dle to the plugins directory of your 3D Studio Max installation.

Texture map archive

I have collected some textures from the net and put them into this texture archive. One of the main goal with this archive was to maintain information about author, original file name, source and copyrights. This information is stored inn a info file with the same name as the texture.

Geometry archive

Some geometries that I have created and put into a archive on this webpage. Everything in this archive can be copied and use under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Terrain generation

Using gforge a utility by John Beale to generate n*n parameters used in gforge to generate n*n new terrain patches with different look. Than combineing this n*n tarrains to (n/2)*(n/2) continuous patches that wrapp.

Some thoughts about how to generate rivers and lakes automatically.

I have collected som links to fractal landscapes.

Code writen for pvvmud

I have collected some cool spin-off code from the pvvmud project.

Anders Reggestad
Last modified: "Nov 9 1999"