NUCCC 2004

NUCCC 2004 was held in Trondheim, Norway on March 26th through March 28th, and was arranged by PVV, an open computer club at NTNU.

Thank you all for attending to NUCCC 2004! NUCCC 2005 will be arranged by Update in Uppsala.

The picures section will be updated with links to your picture galleries from NUCCC. Please send a mail til if you want us to link to your pictures.

How to pay:

The conference fee is set to NOK 400 per participant, paid upon arrival. For participants from Trondheim the fee will be NOK 300, as they won't need accomodation.

Payment will take place eihter before arrival in Trondheim to our bank account,
in which case you will have to bring a confirmation of the transaction,
or in cash upon registration on the arival day.

Bank info:

Number of the account:

Name of the bank:
Fokus Bank ASA
Søndregate 10
7466 Trondheim

Make the payment to this adress:
Sentralbygg 2
Postboks 16
7491 Trondheim

International transfer codes:
IBAN-kode: N01086018602603 (cheaper, we think)

Useful links:

Last updated 2004-04-30